Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s<br />Are you cheaper than Addison Lee?

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s
Are you cheaper than Addison Lee?

We are on average 20% cheaper on account and also considerably cheaper for cash bookings when compared to Addison Lee. We pass the fuel consumption saving made by our hybrid vehicles on to our customers, so both you and the environment can reap the benefits.

Are you cheaper than Black Taxis?

We are much cheaper than Black Taxis too, on average 40% cheaper on account, and also considerably cheaper when paying by cash. you wont ever have to worry about being stuck in a traffic jam with the meter running either.

Is using a green minicab firm more expensive than using a non green firm?

Is using a green minicab firm more expensive than using a non green firm?

A lot of people think that being green has to be expensive, but it can actually work out quite a lot cheaper if you choose wisely and select a firm like Ecoigo. Our entire fleet is made up of hybrid electric cars, which have much lower fuel consumption than vehicles provided by other taxi or minicab companies, which means we can pass this price saving on to you. We always make sure affordability; along with our green credentials and impeccable service are our top priorities.

Is there a minimum spend to open an account with you?

There isn’t a minimum spend, we work with large corporate companies down to small businesses. We want everyone to be able to travel around London in a stylish and eco-friendly way that’s also affordable.

Can an Individual open an account?

Can an Individual open an account?

We welcome individuals to open an account with us and enjoy all the benefits of being an account holder with Ecoigo, such as priority booking over cash bookings and a dedicated account handler to organise your journeys.

Do you meet and greet at airports?

We offer a full, friendly and professional name board meet and greet service as standard and at no extra cost, ensuring that you or your guests are transported to their destination entirely fuss free. Free onboard Wifi and complimentary BELU water in all our cars provides welcome connectivity, comfort and refreshment before and after any flight.

Are your drivers licensed?

Our smartly dressed professional drivers are fully licensed with Transport For London’s Public Carriage Office, and unlike other car firms, our drivers are also trained by our in-house ROSPA (Royal Society for The Prevention of Accidents) certified driving instructor. We are also installing new safety monitoring systems in our cars to ensure you are in the safest possible hands.

Can I get a receipt for my booking?

Can I get a receipt for my booking?

Its really easy to get a receipt for your journey, for all cash bookings please ask the driver who will be happy to issue you with a receipt at the time of travel, and for credit card bookings please contact

How will I know which car is mine?

Black Toyota Prius which have our logo discreetly located at the back of the vehicle. You can track your vehicle location in real time using our app, and we also send a text detailing the registration and job reference number upon your cars arrival so you will always know where your car is.

Do you service areas outside of London?

We predominantly operate throughout Central and Greater London regions and service all London airports, but are happy to take you to wherever you need to go.

Are you as green as you say?

Are you as green as you say?

We’re greener. In fact, we’re the greenest car service out there in London today. We only use the best possible low emission vehicles and we make sure our entire business practice is carbon positive by being the only car service to offset all of our carbon emissions by even more than double with The World Land Trust, a conservation charity dedicated to protecting wild habitats. Just by making a journey with us you know you are giving something back. We are always working on ways to improve our sustainability credentials to make sure we remain the greenest car service in London. We believe it’s an ongoing process and that’s why we are always looking into new vehicle technologies to further green every journey we make and new ways to improve how we do things back at the office.