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Why set up an account with Ecoigo?

Both business and personal customers are able to set up an account with us which means a prioritised on demand service, all year round.

  • Better value and lower cost than Black Taxis and Addison Lee.
  • Fixed clear and transparent pricing structure.
  • Priority booking over cash ensures excellent response times within central London.
  • Free on board Wi-Fi keeps you connected, for work and play!
  • An Internet, iPhone and Android App, and telephone booking option with highly trained account handlers.
  • You can also track your driver in real time.
  • A text message service on arrival and on dispatch.
  • All accounts benefit from online account management capability.
  • Not forgetting our RoSPA certified drivers. We want you to be safe in our cars.
  • And with our low emission hybrid vehicles, carbon offsetting, and eco-policy we make sure your business is reducing its carbon footprint and increasing it’s CSR policy.

If you'd like to discuss how our service could benefit you or your business, please contact our New Business team on or call us on 0207 520 0898.

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020 7833 8008 


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Venue Pickups

Prearranged pickup points.

We have mapped prearranged pickup points at most major venues within central London.