About Us

Our commitment

We're committed to always providing our customers with the best level of service, both reliable and professional at the best possible price. We're motivated by the knowledge that each of Ecoigo's customers can make a real difference by choosing to travel with us. We want to always be moving towards a sustainable future, and recognise that it's as much about choosing the right mode of transport to get there, as it is about the destination. As a business we aim to constantly be moving forward by looking into new technologies and new processes that will improve our service: to keep you safer, better connected and more comfortable in our cars. And because we put the environment at the centre of what we do, we are always looking at ways to improve our sustainability and ethical credentials.


Our sustainability credentials are the backbone to our business.

We believe that good, transparent, environmental and social practice is vital for both businesses and individuals for a sustainable future.

Our approach is simple. We give back more than
we take.

So instead of just offsetting our low unavoidable emissions, we go out of our way to be ‘carbon positive', by replacing what's been lost with twice that amount by working with The World Land Trust, making us the only taxi company to carbon offset using a not-for-profit organisation.

We make sure we do all we can for the environment, where we can. There is still a lot more we can all do, but you can make a start by simply travelling with us.

Carbon Offsetting

Our sustainability credentials are the backbone to our business.

We are proud to carbon offset our already low emissions using the World Land Trust, a UK based international nonprofit conservation organization taking direct action to save rainforests and other wildlife habitats. Ecoigo helps WLT's local partner organisations around the world fund the set up of reserves that give permanent protection to threatened habitats and their wildlife. Because we offset all our activity by double, it means in one average journey you will…

  • Save more than 1kg of Carbon
  • Rescue or reforest over 1 square metre of tropical rainforest
  • Offset more than double any emissions
  • Provide someone in the developing world with clean water for a month (with our complimentary Belu water)
  • And prove that something as simple as getting into one of cars can not only make a difference, but have a positive impact on the environment.

We believe openness and transparency makes for good business practice so all our carbon offsets are measurable and open to scrutiny.

Our Policy

An environmental responsibility and social awareness is at the very core of Ecoigo

This also applies to the way we deal with our people, which is why we have an annual driver retention rate of 95%, way above our competitors. You can't respect the planet without respecting the people we share it with. We also take environmental issues seriously outside of our cars and back in the office too. Our environmental policy takes into account every single aspect of our business ensuring that whenever and wherever possible we use the most environmentally responsible way of doing things. We've also engaged Greenpeace UK and Friends of the Earth co-founder Pete Wilkinson as our environmental policy advisor to keep us on track with our eco-strategies.